A Global Agricultural Research Partnership

CGIAR Research Programs

It has been recognized for more than a decade that the ever more complex issues facing agricultural research for development require an innovative approach to research. No single research institution working alone can address the critically important issues of global climate change, agriculture, and food security and rural poverty. Our ambitious CGIAR Research Programs tackle the cross-cutting issues in agricultural development across the globe.

Tackling complex issues with collaborative research

CGIAR Research Programs align the research of our 15 Research Centers and their partners into efficient, coherent, multidisciplinary programs. These realize the full potential of collaborative research for tackling complex development issues.

CGIAR Research Programs

Our Research Programs to improve yields and profits of crops, fish, and livestock

Our Research Programs to improve sustainability and environmental integrity, adapt to and mitigate climate change

Our Research Programs to improve the productivity, profitability, sustainability, and resilience of entire farming systems

Our Research Program to improve policies and markets

Our Research Program to improve nutrition and diets

Our Research Program for Managing and Sustaining Crop Collections