A Global Agricultural Research Partnership

How We Do Research

Agricultural research to make a difference

Sustainable agricultural development requires research across agricultural science, natural resource management, and policy. Our Strategy and Results Framework is our road map to sustainable agricultural development.

This Framework sets out how, by working together, our 15 Research Centers and their partners will contribute to:

  • Less rural poverty;
  • Better food security;
  • Better nutrition and health; and
  • Sustainably managed resources.

Managing for results

Our Strategy and Results Framework sets out how we ‘manage for results’. It guides us in defining what we want to achieve, organizing ourselves to deliver accordingly, keep checking that we are on track, and vigilantly measuring what actually happened as the result of what we did.

Guided by the Framework, our Centers work with partners to plan CGIAR Research Programs. The new understanding and technologies developed by this research are then put into practice by Centers, partners and users—often as novel packages of technologies, institutional arrangements and management practices. Scaled up and applied widely by public and private development partners the innovations make a difference to rural poverty, food security, nutrition and health, and natural resource management.

Drawing on strengths

The Framework gives our Centers, Challenge Programs, and their hundreds of partners, scope to work together in collaborative research programs that draw on the strengths of each to produce the outcomes the CGIAR system desires.

It means we can address complex global development issues—including cross-cutting ones like gender—by calling on diverse skills and knowledge beyond the ability of any one organization to amass on its own. This also ensures that our research on crops is focused firmly on making a difference to poverty, food security, nutrition and health, and the way we manage natural resources.