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Science Forum 2013 – the critical link: agriculture, nutrition and health

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Nutrition, health and agriculture: strengthening the links addressing the gaps

The food that we eat on a daily basis is key to human nutrition and health.  However, questions remain on the role of agriculture in this dynamic, and how linkages between agriculture, nutrition and health can be strengthened for the benefit of millions around the world.

Hunger, poverty and malnutrition are widespread in the developing world today, as developing countries are home to the vast majority of the world’s 870 million food insecure people. The number of people with vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies is even more daunting at approximately 2 billion people. In addition, approximately 165 million children under the age of five are stunted due to chronic under-nutrition. At the same time, an estimated 1.4 billion adults as well as more than 40 million children under the age of five are overweight in both the developed and developing world, and susceptible to a range of chronic diseases. This co-existence of under-nutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and over-nutrition poses a formidable challenge.

How can agriculture contribute to improving the nutrition and health of the poor in developing countries, and how can the contribution and impact of agriculture on nutrition and health be clarified? What evidence can we show of the impact agricultural development has had on nutrition and health?

Science Forum 2013: Nutrition and health outcomes: targets for agricultural research

In September of this year, the biennial CGIAR Science Forum will bring together scientists, practitioners, experts, and leading thinkers to examine emerging challenges and recent scientific advances in the areas of nutrition, health and agriculture. The theme of Science Forum 2013 is “Nutrition and health outcomes: targets for agricultural research”. Exploring the nexus of agriculture, nutrition and health, the meeting will seek to agree on the research needs and identify new scientific approaches and partnerships through which the agricultural community can add most value to the delivery of nutrition and health outcomes.

The Forum seeks to identify key research areas where there is real potential to deliver impacts and – critically – it aims to facilitate the formation of new partnerships to address them. The event serves to reach out to scientists and scientific communities who may not be part of CGIAR, but who have potentially important contributions to make to the CGIAR research portfolio, and therefore to the global agriculture research agenda for a food secure future.

To be held in Bonn, Germany from the 23rd to 25th September 2013, the Science Forum is organized by the Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC), on behalf of CGIAR. The ISPC is a standing panel of world-class scientific experts that aims to strengthen the quality, relevance, and impact of CGIAR science. The 2013 Science Forum will be co-hosted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of Germany.

ISPC Science Forums

The Science Forum series is a flagship event launched by the ISPC in 2009. It seeks to generate new ideas and approaches among scientists on ways of improving food security, human nutrition and health, alleviating poverty and establishing environmental sustainability.

If you would like to participate, please REGISTER YOUR INTEREST by visiting the Science Forum 2013 website and completing the registration form.

Early Career Scientists and Knowledge Fair

The Science Forum 2013 will also seek to provide an opportunity to develop partnerships for scientists and researchers engaged in the field through knowledge sharing and exchange.  The Forum will include a specific session in which early-career scientists can meet with and learn from leading specialists,  And to prepare proposals to apply for small grants for exchange visits. More information for early-career scientists and the ‘Knowledge Fair’ will shortly be available on the website.

Places are limited; register your interest

The number of places available is limited to approximately 300 participants, and selection will take into account the need to achieve a balance between the various components of the agriculture, nutrition and health nexus. Applicants are requested to submit an expression of interest form with a brief description of their specific work in the field of agriculture, nutrition and health.

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