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Consortium News Author: Frank Rijsberman

Tutwiler, Merckx, Rijsberman, Williams, Sanginga tasting soy milk in the BIP

Transforming IITA to nourish Africa

My first visit to IITA was in 1982. As a young scientist with the Delft Hydraulics Lab in the Netherlands I worked on my first soil science project that also…

Frank Rijsberman

Food Security for a Warming World: It’s All In The Science

CGIAR scientists, from our dedicated Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, are leading the charge uncovering “climate-smart” innovations that will help these farmers continue to put food…

Dr. Frank Rijsberman, CEO, CGIAR Consortium

Have we got our priorities straight?

Last week I attended the Economist’s Feeding the World 2014 event which brought together a broad spectrum of high-level luminaries from science, business, policy and politics. I was asked what…