A Global Agricultural Research Partnership

Legal Counsel and Intellectual Property

The mission of the CGIAR Consortium General Counsel is to further the strategic goals of the CGIAR Consortium by providing legal guidance and expertise in a broad range of fields.

This includes:

  • Managing all legal matters involving or affecting the CGIAR Consortium as an independent international organization, in order to ensure proper compliance and stewardship;
  • Coordinating, in collaboration with CGIAR Consortium members, Consortium-wide positions, policies, and guidelines on key issues such as the management of intellectual assets, data management, biotech, etc., which are key to ensuring clarity for our stakeholders and greater consistency in the way we engage with our partners;
  • Supporting a network of legal/intellectual property (IP) practitioners of CGIAR Consortium members in order to build capacity, leverage knowledge, and ensure effective and consistent IP management; and
  • Ensuring visibility of outputs and raising awareness on legal/IP matters affecting CGIAR stakeholders.

News and Opinions

Academic journals remain an important distribution mechanism for CGIAR research findings however it is CGIAR’s combined commitment to Open Access and Open Data that has the potential to create even greater opportunities for CGIAR research and its use for on-the-ground impact.

CGIAR Consortium: now officially ‘Open Access’

The CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy, supported unanimously by all 15 members of the CGIAR Consortium, is now in place. CGIAR strongly believes that this clear commitment to Open Access will improve the efficiency, efficacy, and impact of its research; aid interdisciplinary research and novel computation of research literature; and allow the global public to further benefit from the wealth of CGIAR research.